Focusing on todays technology, so you don't have to.


    We perform the same Penetration Tests on your Website or Application that the Black Hat Hackers will use should they become interested in you. Our Technicians are constantly training and studying the latest techniques right along with the Hackers. But We Work For You!

Practical Ethical Hacking Certificate Python For Penetration Testing Certificate

Design & Development

Application Development

     Do you Have an idea for a Web or Android Application? We can work with you and turn your idea into an Application that will do the work for you and is available to you or your employees wherever they have a Cell Phone connection. Let's develop your idea together.

Web Design

     Using Responsive Design techniques your message can be displayed for the World to see. If your goal is to have a website that you can easily update with specials or current news, your very own Wordpress Website can be ready for you to take over in as little as ten minutes. If you need assistance with your design, we are here to help.

Domain Hosting

    You can have a Wordpress Website including Superior Tech Support and Updates for only $10.00 a month. If your project requires more horse power, we can provide you with a Dedicated Server with all of its resources dedicated to your needs. Contact Us for more information.

Server Administration

    With Decades of Server Administration Experience, we can help you Set Up, Update and Maintain a Secure Server. We specialize in Web and Database Servers and can provide you with a Web Interface so that you can maintain the control of your project as much or as little as you disire.